Hi! I'm Jessie!

Hello everyone! My name is Jessie, and welcome to my blog! I started this blog mainly for accountability and a creative outlet for myself and to relate to others. This blog is generally about the love of my life, food. I am working on having a better relationship with food and myself,  and also creating delicious but also healthy meals. I have always loved to cook, it is my "me" time. I love cooking large meals for people to come over and enjoy. My love for cooking really started with my great grandma and with my mother who both taught me everything I know. My great Grandma was the most amazing cook I've ever met, she could whip together some delicious meal with minimal ingredients and it was always delicious! This woman's roast was unreal, and I am still trying to perfect it. Growing up my favorite thing on the weekends was waking up and hearing my mom's Tina Turner CD playing while she was cooking some big meal. She would always start early and I loved joining her making homemade noodles, homemade bread, and also tons of deserts. My mother is a diabetic and over the years we have made serious changes to what we are cooking, but that changed for me when I moved out for college. 

In High School I struggled with family issues and I also went through a rough breakup. I started college in my hometown and then moved away and switched schools a couple of times. I really struggled with anxiety and depression through out college, and I always thought someone would come in and change all of these problems for me magically, but that was definitely not the case. I went through an even worse breakup in college and really let myself go. I struggled with severe migraines, stomach issues, weight gain, anxiety and depression. After the college breakup I moved away to a bigger city and I have been working on changing my life to be happier and healthier, hence the blog title :) In a later blog, when I am more comfortable I will dive deeper into these issues and really explain them. 

I want this blog to be where I can relate to other people who have struggled with body image issues, their relationship with food, mental health issues and just day to day struggles we all face. I will be posting healthy recipes as well as cheat day recipes, workouts, and my journey to becoming happier and healthier. Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope you enjoy my future posts! 



  1. I love your recipe and great attitude about creating delicious salads! I want to invite you to me and another blogger on a monthly blog hop on the subject of make-ahead meals. First week of March is our next collaboration. Love to feature some make-ahead salads. Thank you for pinning my post this morning from the fb group.
    Bon appetit, Kippi #kippiathome


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